Floor plan


ROUTES OF COMMUNICATION National route nº 9: It happens for the front of the Industrial Park, links with the cities of Buenos Aires, Rosary, Cordova and the Argentine north, happening to Bolivia, Peru, etc. National route nº 12: To 10 km, for Route Nac. 9. It happens for the bridge Zárate-Brazo Largo, which it links for highway and railroad with direct access to countries of the MERCOSUR: Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil. Provincial route nº 6: To 2 km, for Route Nac. nº 9. Nº 5 connects with the National routes and nº 7, which tunes in to the Center, the West and the South of the Province of Bs. Grasp. To Route Nac. nº 7 it goes over to Chile. Railway (TBA): In the city of Bell (3 Km) It connects with the City of Buenos Aires and nearby Provinces. It has entry to two local Ports. Fluvial network: In the area. Across the Rio Parana, it links with the ports of Rosary and Buenos Aires. The local Ports admit ships of big openwork.


Diet of Tax Tax relief: The companies to establish themselves in the Park will be provided with the possibility of Tax Tax relief that offers him the Law 10. 547 of Industrial Promotion of the Province of Buenos Aires. This one allows up to ten (10) years of exemption of payment of Taxes of Gross Income and Real estate basic and other benefits. The Municipality of Bell, he adheres to this Law, with exemption of payment of Valuations, rights and Municipal Taxes that burden the industrial activity in the Party.


INTERNAL SERVICES Network of Pavings: The access is provided with Paving of Armed Concrete. The rest of the internal streets, ditch of Armed Concrete is provided with Asphalt paving, with drawstring. Free breadth between drawstring 7m. The Radio of Draft: 20 meters to facilitate the trucks circulation. Entire length: 4. 633m. Entire surface: 32. 626m2. Rain sewer pipes: All the plots drain its rain ones without anegamientos. All the internal streets possess drawstring ditch and sewer pipes. It has neither trench nor opencast conduits. The park is provided with sewer pipes conduits rain in pipes of premolded Concrete of variable diameters. Industrial sewer pipes: The totality of the plots is provided with underground conduits that receive the effluent industrial liquids, previously treated. In general they overturn straight to the Rain conduit that happens for its front. In the rest of the park there has been constructed an additional pipe that collects these liquids. The final receiving body is the Rio Parana. Internal gas network: It covers the totality of the internal streets of the industrial park, on one of its wings. It consists of a ring, with diameters and variable lengths and the following characteristics: Pressure: 15kg/cm2 I access: Diameter 8 ": 191m. Street 1 and Street 102: Diameter 6 ": 1. 027m. Street 101, Street 2 and Street 103: Diameter 4 ": 3. 451m. Entire length: 4. 669m. Lender of the Service: Natural gas Ban S. A. Network of Energy: The Electric power feeding to the park comes from the Substation Transformadora Campana 1, which is provided with two transformers of 30 MVA of 33/13. 2 KV. The transport up to the Substation is realized across a feeder on structure of Hº Aº with disposition coplanar prepared for double terna. Underground Water resource: The Water supply will be done by means of a perforation by every plot, with an average wealth of development of 10 m3/hora.


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